​​​Discover a simpler life through mindful yoga and meditation

     I took my first yoga class more than twenty years ago.  Initially I was drawn to yoga to strengthen and tone my body.  Overtime my practice evolved and I learned more about breathing, meditation and coordinating breath with movement.  I continued to feel a sense of ease and balance in my life.   After many years of studying and practicing yoga and meditation, I am still drawn to its simplistic, peaceful approach.    

     I have also learned that almost anyone can practice yoga regardless of one's age and fitness level.  The beauty of this ancient practice is its adaptability and compassion to all people and its reasonable approach to well being.  Yoga acknowledges the whole person...the physical body, the intelligent mind and the soulful spirit.  I love that.        

     I continue to be humbled by the wonderful people who join me each week for yoga class.  I feel blessed to share the practice and teachings of yoga with you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Peace and blessings,
Lynn Alimo

Favorite Quote:

"When you know better...you do better."  -Maya Angelou