Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu yoga develops nonjudgemental awareness through the continuous practice of rhythmic breathing, yoga postures, and balancing effort with ease.  Class begins with breath awareness and warm up movements to prepare for yoga postures.  The heart of each class is a sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body.  Class ends with deep relaxation and meditation.  No previous yoga experience is required.

Gentle Kripalu Yoga

This class is designed for individuals who are new to yoga, suffer from joint pain, or are looking for a slow and steady practice.  The class teaches breath awareness, yoga postures and meditation much like the other Kripalu classes but at a slower pace.  With the use of yoga props, you will experience yoga with both safety and ease.

Kripalu Flow Yoga

Kripalu Flow Yoga is a dynamic flow of yoga which includes a variety of foundational postures practiced in the vinyasa, or flow, style.  Each class includes breathing exercises, posture flow, and relaxation through the lens of the Kripalu Yoga methodology.  Kripalu Yoga cultivates an internal meditative experience while stretching and recharging the body.  Kripalu Flow Yoga is adaptable to all levels of experience. . 

Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga

The class is designed for someone who wants to try vinyasa yoga but is not familiar with the flow of a vinyasa class.  The class teaches how to incorporate the flow of breath with the continuous movement of postures.  You will learn the benefits of vinyasa yoga and bring your practice to a new level.  Previous yoga experience is recommended

"It's rare to find a yoga teacher that is so willing to open up and share not only the heart of yoga, but her own heart as well."
                - Randy, Marlborough, MA

"Lynn is a wonderful yoga instructor. She is knowledgeable and can adapt various poses for the individual student. The class is a needed respite from the outside world!"
                  - Nancy, Hudson, MA

​"I have enjoyed Lynn's yoga classes for 6+ yrs. She has helped me see the mind body connection & in doing so, I feel more fit & relief from body strain & tension."
               - Kathy, Marlborough, MA